Thursday, December 8, 2016

Is the practice of witchcraft permitted, to heal the sick?-What does The Zohar Say

Where a ma'aseh (action) is done:   There is an issur D'orysa (Shach Y.D. 179 :1 )

Where no Ma'aseh is done & witch is a Goy ,( just asking for advice) :

1) Trumas Hadeshen : (2:96) For  a sick person even if not Choleh Mesukan , it is permitted.

2) Teshuvas Maharshal : (3)  Only for a Chole Mesukan is it permitted.

3) Zohar: Even  for a Chole Mesukan it is not permitted. (Kishuf = Avoda Zarah)

According to the Zohar going to a fake Kabbalist (might be practicing kishuf) is
a Safek Issur D'orysa of Avoda Zarah (Yehoreg V'al Ya'avor)

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