Monday, July 1, 2013

The Sod (secret) of SIVMAH revealed

The Chasam Sofer in the Hakdama to Seder Nezikin quotes the Rema Mipano ,

שבמה = שור - בור - מבעה - הבער


Simple  basic explanation:

1) There are 10 cities that  border with Eretz Yisrael. (Sivma is # 10)

2) There are 10 midos of kedusha

3) There are 10 midos of sitra achra (opposing kedusha)

4) These 10 bordering cities are located between Eretz Yisroel and Chutz Laaretz, from where the klipos enter.

5) The klipos are the 4 avos nezikin

6) The milchemes midyon transformed these cities with mazikim to holy cities. 

The following from my father R. Zvi Yehuda ben R. Moishe a"h 
ויקרא שם המקום ההוא מחנים                               

מחנים                              = two sets of מחנות = 4
Hashem built the first wall of the Bais Hamikdash      מחנה =             1x 103
Avraham added  the second wall and called it הר   =205+1 ( כולל        2x 103

Yitzchok added  the third wall and called it       שדה   3                309x 103
Yackov added the fourth wall and called it  בית    = 412                  
ועשה טוב בקש שלום           שדה-בית - מחנה- הר                
*Rav Menachem Azariah deFano ( Italian mekubal, known as the Rema miPano

Mechaber of Sefer Asara Maamoros etc.(1548-1620). 

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