Monday, June 10, 2013

Mah Nishtana

 The Mishna (Pesachim 116a) Ma Nishtana Halaylah Hazeh- Sh’bechol Halaylos Onu Ochlin Chometz Umatzah .
 All nights of the year (Alle necht fun a gantz yohr) we eat Chometz & Matzah.
There are many people who eat meat & potatoes or rice& chicken for supper and don’t have Chometz or Matzah.
What’s pshat Sh’bechol Halaylos, every night?

The Machzor Vitri* in his Pirush on the Hagada shel Pesach, translates Sh’bechol Halaylos , all nights of Yomim Tovim
and Shabossos, where there is a chiyuv of Oneg, we eat bread (Chometz or Matzah). According to the Machzor Vitri,
"Alle necht fun a gantz yohr" .(the way I learned in Cheider) is the wrong translation.

*Talmid of Rashi

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