Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Halo Dovor Hu

According to Kabbalah the Birchas Hailonos should be said only in Chodesh Nissan. This year
our calendar is  very  early in the solar year. The trees in North America, haven’t
 blossomed yet . We will have to make the Bracha in Iyar. According to the Mishna Verura
and most Poskim it is perfectly acceptable to make the Bracha in the months of Adar or Iyar.

The Gemoro (Brochos 43b) and all Poskim (Tur Sh. Aruch 233) have the nusach
Shelo Chisar Bo’olamo KLUM.
Most Siddurim have the nusach is Shelo Chisar Bo’olamo DOVOR
(Part 1)
R. (Shlomo) Zalmen Hena  (REZAH)  was one of the greatest Balei Dikduk. The Pri
Megadim calls him “Harav Hamedakdek  Hagadol” (O. Ch. 56)
It is said that the Vilna Gaon acquired his knowledge in dikduk from the seforim
of the Rezah.
In the year 1725 the Rezah printed his SiddurBais Tefilah” with his pirushShaarei
Tefillah” . The Siddur has a Haskamah from the Chacham Zvi and other Gedolim.
Wherever  the dikduk was incorrect, he changed  the nusach.  He also changed from leshon
Chachamim (KLUM) to leshon Torah(DOVOR) .
Most of the changes in the Bal Hatanya’s Siddur are based on the Rezah’s  SiddurBais
Hatefilah” .
The Shu”t  Minchas Yitzchok (10 – 16) criticizes the  Siddurim  printers for changing
the nusach from Klum to Dovor. He probably was not aware that this change was
done by the Rezah

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