Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Was A Rabbit Hunter Doing In The Hagada

There are some old illustrated Hagados where at Kiddush  there is  a picture of a
hunter, hunting rabbits.

Yaknahaz-Hunting Rabbit Picture 

In German/ Yiddish Yagen Haz translates to hunting rabbits. A play on words, YAKNEHAZ,
the order of Kiddush/Havdala , _ Yayin – Kiddush –Ner –Havdalah –Zeman.
There are Hagados where the artist shows the husband pointing at his wife when
saying Marror Zeh. (artist’s sense of humour)
The Arthur Szyk Hagada illustrates the Rosho as a Nazi  ym”s. (Hitler’s mustache and
the leder hosen etc.)

Some Other Interesting Hagada Pictures:

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