Friday, March 9, 2018

Torah Trivia-Parshas Pekudei

This week (Vayakhel- Pikudei) when doing Sh'nayim Mikra v'echod Targum,
you have to make sure you do this, otherwise you will not be yotzei (Sh'nayim Mikra--).???

PART 1 Hakdama to the answer re Shnayim Mikroh 

Next week (Parshas Vayikrah) many children will come home from school or cheider with
a “teitch (translation) sheet on Parshas Hashavua. Some sheets will have the  incorrect
translation of  Vayikra – And he called. The correct translation is He called. (no and)

A vav at the beginning of a word can serve as three functions
1) Vav hachibur ,connecting  to the previous word or sentence (and)
2 ) Vav hamehapech , reverse future to past or past to future.
3)  Vav hachibur + hamehapech , both functions.( 1+2)
1) Moshe V’aharon                         _          Moshe and Aharon
2) Yikrah = he will call (future)        –        Vayikrah = he called (past)
2) Osoh = he made (past)                _        Veosoh = he shall make (future)
3) Yomar  = he will say(future)       --       Vayomar = a) he said (past)  – b) and he said (past+ and)

Vyikrah is a new Parsha and Chumash. The vav can’t be a chibur it has no connection
to the previous Parsha. The vav can act only as a mehapech.
In this week’s  Parsha  (Vayakhel) one of the gedolei  olam made a mistake with the
Vav of Veosoh Betzalel. (Shmos 36 – 1)


  1. It is a nice and logical shtickel Torah, but if that is true is it very shver why Unkelos uses a vov - ukeroh - since the Targum word he uses is already future sense, and no vov hahipuch is needed. Furthermore, your proof that it cannot be a vov hachibbur since it is the beginning of a sefer is tomuah - Sefer Shemos begins with an incontrovertible vov hachibbur - v'eileh shemos benei Yisroel! (And if you want to know what the chibbur is between Pekudei and Vayikro, see Vayikro Rabboh 1:7). Vetzorich iyun

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