Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to tell if it is an amei ha'aretz shul

This Shabbos Parshas Shekalim , most shuls will say Piyut (Yotzros) during or after chazoras
hashatz. The Piyut said during chazaras hashatz  is called Kerovos *1 or Kerovotz *2.

Adding Piyutim to the tefilos started in the times of the Gaonim .
When the minhag started ,there was strong opposition from some of the Gaonim.
The  reason for opposition was    1) Meshane Mimatbea  Shetovu Chachomim (changing
the nusach hatefillah that the Anshei Kneses Hagedolo established.  2) Hefsek in middle
of the tefillos.

The Otzar Hageonim ( Brochos 178-180) quotes R. Nachshan Gaon “ In the Mesifta and
wherever there are Rabanan they don’t change the tefillos from the way the Rabanan
established. They also don’t bring in to the Bais Hakneses a chazzan that knows piyut.
A  Bais Hakneses where Piyut is said, testifies on themselves that they
aren’t  Talmidei Chachamim.”
          *1 see Abudraham 2 reasons why it’s called Kerovos
              *2 Tosfos calls it Kerovotz (Brochos34a A.Z. 8a)

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