Thursday, January 24, 2013

long strides (pesia gasa) on shabbos.

Weekly Daf Shabbos 113 b
Rebbie asked from R. Yishmael b.r. Yosi  if you are allowed to take long strides (pesia gasa) on shabbos.

R. Yishmael b.y. answered that even in the weekdays it is forbidden." Sheani Omer (because I R. Yishmael say)
Pesia gasa noteles echod meichameish meios mimeor einov shel odom-"
Long strides removes 1/500 of the light from the eyes.

The Ben Ish Chai writes that R. Yishmael prefaced his statement with SHEANI OMER – I
SAY . 
R. Yishmael did not hear this from his father or Rebbe,he said it from his own experience.
R. Yishmael was obese and it was very difficult for him to take long strides. He assumed
that for others who are not overweight it is also strenuous.
The gematria of PESIAH GASA (bemilui- Pei= pei+ hei etc.) equals 570.  The same as
yovad echad mtav kuf.(he will lose 1/500)

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