Thursday, December 6, 2012

This weeks daf What’s Pshat ?

Shabbos 63a R. Kahane said , “ When I was eighteen years I completed the whole shas and I didn’t know that the pasuk doesn’t leave the pshat (ein hamikra yotzei midei p’shuto.) until now. It. is very difficult to understand how an eighteen year Yeshiva Bachur who completed all of shas, isn’t aware that the pesukim are meant to be understood as poshut pshat. The Chasam Sofer (T.M. Beshalach d.h. ketzas midrush) writes that the original mesorah was to teach the children only Drush and not Pshat. Even though this system doesn’t seem right ,but this was the mesora from the previous generations. I once asked a mechanech if it would be ok. for children to read stories about a Tzadik and a Rosho where the Tzadik always outsmarts and cheats,the Rosho with half truths and half lies. The answer is obvious. The question that follows is how do you teach children Chumash Breishis. From parshas Lech Lecho and onward we find in every parsha tricks and lies that( ch v) our Avos hakdoshim did. A few examples, Avraham & Yitzchok both tell their wives to say they are brothers and sisters. Soroh said va’adoni zakein and the Torah changes it to va’ani zokanti Yakov telling his father “anochi esauv bechorechu” etc. This might be the reason why the mesorah was to start teaching the children the drush first. You should teach them that for pickuach nefesh you may and must lie. If some one wants to kill a yid and asks you where the yid is hiding, you can’t say I don’t say lies and tell him where he is hiding but you say you don’t know where he is. You have to teach them that mutor leshanos mipnei hashalom. For the sake of peace you may change the story etc. If you don’t teach them immediately the drush then it might have a negative effect on them. It could be that this was another reason why chazal instituted to teach Chumash Vayikra, first. Gut Shabbos

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