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The Ramban changed his mind when he saw it.-Kever Rochel

The Ramban in Parshas Vaychi  (48-7)  writes that Rochel died and was buried
in Romo which is in the chelek of Binyomin.

The Ralbag 35-20  and the Chezkuni  48-7 both agree with this Ramban that Rochel
was buried in the chelek of Binyomin.

Shmuel (1-10-2)    Shmuel told Shaul you will find two people IM KEVURAS ROCHEL
BIGVUL BINYOMIN B’ZELZTACH (are at Kever Rochel which is within the borders
of Binyamin in Zelztach)
We see from this pasuk that Kever Rochel  is in the chelek of Binyamin.

Bais Lechem , definitely is  in the chelek of Yehudah.(Ruth 1-1)
Rashi and most  Rishonim hold that Kever Rochel is in Bais Lechem (Yehudah)

Rashi in Shmuel solves the problem and quotes a Tosefta in Sotah (11-7)   

Shmuel told Shaul the two people are now at Kever Rochel and by the time you

get there they will be at within the border of Binyamin, and not that K.Rochel

is in Chelek Binyamin.

The Ramban  in Parshas Vayishlach  writes that after he arrived in E.Y. and
saw with his own eyes K. Rochel, he changed his mind and held that K. Rochel
is less than a mil away from Bais Lechem  (Yehudah & not in Romo).

R. Binyamin from Toledo travelled to  Yerushalayim in the year 1170 and wrote in his
travel diary a short description of K. Rochel. "The matzeiva had 11 stones .
Over the matzeivah there was a dome built on four posts. All the yidden that
came by would write their names on the stones of
the  matzeiva."(graffiti on the matzeivah) .

The Ramban arrived in Eretz Yisrael in the year 1267.  Approximately 100 years
after R. Binyamin Toledo’s trip to Eretz Yisrael. The Ramban probably  saw  the
same sight and that made him change his mind  claiming this to be the real and
authentic  Kever Rochel.

There is another problem that needs to be solved, Bais Lechem is to the south of
Yerushalayim . Bavel is to the north of  Yerushalayim. When the yidden were exiled
to Bavel they would not of had to past through Kever Rochel.


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