Monday, November 12, 2012


              1)      The minhag when doing atifas hatalis  is, to throw two and or four corners
of the talis to the back of the left side. There is no mekor to do the same
on the back of the right side.

2) Using a mirror to adjust the tefilin shel rosh. See shut Divrei Chaim that
it is a minhag Boros (amei haaretz). I personally have never seen
any of the gedolei talmidei chachomim using a mirror.

3) The chazzan ending Goaal Yisroel quietly is a new minhag which the
Mishna Verura wasn’t aware of. (Some claim that it was done in European

Yeshivos before the war). The only advice the M.V. has,
is to start shemonei esrei a few seconds before the chazzan.

4) Pointing the pinky finger at the sefer torah during hagbah and then
kissing it, is definitely not an ashkenazik minhag. Although R. Chaim
Palagi came up with a reason to do so, this is not considered a mekor.
In chutz laaretz, you won’t find ashkenazic, gedolei talmidei chachomim
doing so.

5) Saying  the ketores from a klaf is a fairly new minhag. Here again

even though   R. Chaim Palagi mentions this segulah, it has no mekor.

According to some Poskim writing the klaf is problematic, halachicly.

           6) For birchas hazimun, when then the mezamen says nevoreich elokeinu or
           The mezamnim answer boruch elokeinu they raise their behinds off the chair.
            This minhag has no mekor. (others are machmir even when there
             is no minyan and  elokeinu is not said)

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