Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yakov Avinu davened for lechem le’echol uvegged  lilbosh. The obvious question
Is why  is it important   to  point out that the bread is for eating and the clothes
for wearing.

One of the answers is,   some  people have bread but are lo aleinu sick and can’t
eat it. They are hooked up to an intravenous  or feeding tube or.  They have
beautiful  clothes, but can’t wear them. They wear hospital gowns or pajamas.

I heard this story from a Gerer Chasid who grew up in Tel Aviv in the forties.
His father planned a trip to Yerushalyim to receive a bracha from the
Imrei Emes. Due to the Arab unrest, it was a very expensive, difficult and 
dangerous to travel to Yerushalayim. The preparation and trip took  up
a whole day.

His father finally arrived in Yerushalyim and entered  the  Rebbes room.
The Rebbe glanced at him and all he said ,  he should  have nachas from
the  children.  He was in and out of the   room in less than 5 seconds.

When he returned to his family, he told his wife about his 5 second
encounter with the Rebbe and the short and single bracha he received.

His wife was very disappointed, and complained, that after taking
such a long, difficult and dangerous trip, the only bracha he managed
to get was nachas  from the children.

His fathers  explained, having nachas from children in itself is a great bracha.
 However this bracha includes additional brachos.

In order to have nachas from children, both parents need to be healthy.
Sick people can’t and don’t have nachas. You also need a roof over your head
and some food on the table, otherwise you can’t have nachas from others.
Therefore this bracha cosists of  Bonei , Chayei Umezonei  (good children,
healthy life  & parnoso).
What more can a person ask for?

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